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The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States. Incorporated in that is the opportunity for prosperity and success achieved through hard work in society with limited barriers. The most important personal component of the American Dream is home ownership. It is my job to help you and your family achieve this dream!  I started off in the industry as an assistant for over a year, which in return has given me the proper guidance and knowledge to provide my customers with mortgage services that exceed their expectations. Being the youngest loan officer on a team of specialists full of ideas and experience, I am constantly learning more everyday. Here at Real Estate Resource Home Loans we work together as a team to combine our expertise and understanding of mortgage products to ensure all our customers are receiving the program that best fits their needs. I am committed to putting your family first and being as helpful and proficient during the entire transaction. You may contact me anytime by phone or email for individual service and professional advice.  I am excited to assist you on your journey of home ownership today!  Noah can be reached via cell at 708-704-0437 or email

Noah Petrusevski
Mortgage Consultant
NMLS # 1705542/031.0051903

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